old stately mansion with trees and shrubs

Summary of A Dutch House: Fiction Meets House Obsession

I stretched the focus The Home Green’s resource recommendations a bit and included this lovely book because the story revolves around a home – a stately mansion in Philadelphia’s suburban neighborhood of Elkins Park. In addition, the author has been a vocal proponent of a more minimalist lifestyle that I think may be interesting to readers of this blog. If you like the book and end up wanting to know more about the author, I encourage you to check it out. But back to the story.

The journey begins!

If you’ve found my blog, welcome – I’m excited you are here! I hope you’ll come back and join me as I explore the world of sustainable interior design.  But who am I and why am I setting out on this adventure?  To answer that, if you’ll bear with me, I couldn’t help but think …

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