The journey begins!

If you’ve found my blog, welcome – I’m excited you are here! I hope you’ll come back and join me as I explore the world of sustainable interior design. 

But who am I and why am I setting out on this adventure? 

To answer that, if you’ll bear with me, I couldn’t help but think of little Amy from, well – let’s just say a few years ago. As a kid, I always liked exploring and being outside, catching lightning bugs, riding my bike, and trying to get lost in the tiny woods near our house. As I got older, camping, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors were always top on my list.

But I also always felt conflicted. When I was a pre-teen and started playing around with make-up, I used to carry around this little card where I had written which companies tested their products on animals, which ones cut down rainforests etc. I would stand in the aisle of the drug store agonizing about the thing I wanted versus the one boring selection that wouldn’t make me trade my soul for a little sparkle.

And while they tell me I’m a grown up now, the conflict remains. Which part of myself do I honor: the part that gets excited about the design around me or the do-no-evil part that wants to preserve the outdoor adventures I’ve had?

So I started dabbling and what I found is that companies have changed a lot in the decades since that drug store aisle experience. We have a lot more choices than we used to.

What I know now is that we have a lot of power, too. This grown up Amy has been in the conference room when product decisions are being made and understands the power of voting with your wallet. Corporations are driven by growth, and growth comes from sales, and sales come from giving consumers what they want. 

I believe there are a lot of people like me out there who do care but also don’t know they have options. I want to change that so that together we can use the power of our home design decisions to drive an industry toward a sustainable future.

I’m excited to take the first step. And I’m excited to have you on the adventure with me. Vamos!

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