Examples of sustainable interior design

Making your home more sustainable may feel like an obstacle but it may actually be a gift. Interior design can be overwhelming without any constraints, but when you decide to create a home that aligns with your values, the ways that can come to life are really fun. We believe designing a happy home is about creating a meaningful space in which to live your precious life. We hope you’ll be inspired by these examples of sustainable interior design and borrow some ideas to use in your own home.

A fresh start: sustainable interior design makeover for a women’s shelter

Alex Shield faced the challenge of a lifetime when she began a pro bono interior design project for Old Brewery Mission, a shelter for women experiencing homelessness. Not one to back down from a challenge, Alex decided to add one more requirement to this project: to make it as sustainable as possible. She also wanted to make sure that her final design was comfortable, calming, and felt like home to the women staying there.

Biophilic beauty: the story behind this nature-inspired interior design project

A passion for balance with the natural world is a driving force in the work of designer Sarah Barnard and the inspiration behind one of her recent projects. Sarah was approached by the owners of a beautifully situated property in the hills of the Pacific Palisades who wanted more than a typical redesign. As environmentalists and naturalists, they were keen to take advantage of their idyllic surroundings and to bring the tranquility of the mountains and ocean around them into their design.