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How can we honor Earth Day in interior design?

In this post: I share one of my favorite podcasts that delves into how we can honor Earth Day with sustainable interior design.

Can Interior Design Become Sustainable? Yes, according to the Chairish Podcast!

It's now a year old but I can’t imagine a better podcast to celebrate Earth Day at The Home Green than “Earth Week 2022: Can Interior Design Become Sustainable?” 

The Chairish podcast is fantastic – the content is likely developed to appeal more to designers than everyday consumers, but anyone with an interest in interior design will find a lot to love. As one would expect with something coming from the Chairish brand, their podcast is both interesting and fun.

This episode, is a great primer on how to approach sustainability and consider Earth Day in the interior design space because, – spoiler alert – interior design can become more sustainable.

The episode features Katie Storey, founder of Storey Design and The Good Future Design Alliance (GFDA), Susan Inglis, a designer and ambassador of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, and Laurence Carr, a designer with a focus on designing for wellness and is also an ambassador to the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

Some ideas these fantastic guests cover include:

  • How and why designers should educate their clients on sustainable choices
  • Ways to navigate being more sustainable in a design project
  • The respective missions of the GFDA and the Sustainable Furnishings Council

This is a podcast to follow and an episode to save!

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