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Stocking stuffers for mom: her wishlist

In this post: We share our favorite eco-friendly stocking stuffers for mom.

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Good things come in small packages!  Based on the number of people searching for “stocking stuffers for mom,” however, it seems that spouses and children may be struggling with this task. We're here to help!

We've compiled a list of our favorite thoughtful stocking stuffers for mom that are sure to warm her heart and bring a smile to her face. Delight her with carefully chosen trinkets and treasures that reflect her unique interests and personality. From practical and indulgent treats to sentimental tokens, our curated list of stocking stuffers for mom offers a range of options to make her holiday season even more special. Show your appreciation and love with these perfect stocking stuffers for mom that will surprise and delight her.

And since we're believers in conscious commerce, all of the stocking stuffers for mom on this list have great stories behind them – from carbon offsets to empowering women all over the world. 

Stocking stuffers for mom: gift categories

Add a little sparkle to your stocking stuffers for mom

Images courtesy of OceanPlastics

New life for ocean plastic

Who knew something so beautiful could come from ocean plastic? These unique rings, necklaces, and earrings are made from eco-resin and ocean plastic gathered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The artist who makes these also donates a dollar to the Surfrider Foundation for every item sold. So giving one of these to Mom not only helps clean up the ocean but it helps support an organization devoted to the protection of our oceans and beaches.

Each piece is completely unique and the artist is open to creating custom pieces if your Mom has a favorite color or color scheme. We hope you'll check them out!


Images courtesy of Ayr Tan

Statement jewelry for your bold mama

If there's a design-loving, statement-making mom on your list, these are for her! Made from recycled acrylic, sterling silver, and gold, these colorful and sustainable creations were an Etsy Design Award finalist in 2022. The company describes its creations as “jewelry for the conscious, contemporary and curious.
The pieces are versatile and inspired by architecture, nature and urban culture.”

There are so many great designs to choose from – we've highlighted just a few to give you a sense of the breadth of styles.

gold necklace with small round pendant made of a recycled coffee pod next to coffee pod

Image courtesy of Coffee Pod Creations

Wearable coffee art

The pendant will turn heads with its unusual coloration that, at first glance, looks like a natural stone but is actually an upcycled coffee pod! They're available in a variety of colors and patterns and would look great worn alone or layered with other necklaces. Each pendant measures 10mm in diameter and comes with an 18″ Gold Stainless Steel chain. 

If your Mom loves jewelry, coffee, or both, she'll get a kick out of this!

Stack it up

Jewelry stacking is hot right now. If you think this is a trend someone on your list would enjoy, Ink and Alloy is worth a look – their jewelry is the perfect addition to any list of stocking stuffers for mom.

Ink and Alloy describe themselves on their website as “a women-owned accessory brand created to inspire and empower the spirit of wonder and exploration…not only through the products we make but through the way we practice business as a whole.”

They fulfill this mission by using recycled brass in many of their designs, featuring artisan-made jewelry, and giving back to organizations centered around empowering women. 

Image courtesy of Spirit of Vera

One-of-a-kind jewelry for your one-of-a-kind mom

Not only is the labradorite used in this necklace gorgeous and distinctive, but the silver it hangs on is also quite unique. In the seller's own words:

The silver is recycled (in an environmentally responsible way) from electronics, which contributes over 70% of toxicity to landfills, despite representing only 7% by volume. This highly regulated process takes place in Canada and the USA. The resulting recycled silver is a higher grade than conventional sterling silver. It has a higher percentage of silver to copper, is nickel-free, and contains germanium, a base metal that prevents oxidization.


Image courtesy of Spirit of Vera

Don't pave paradise

This necklace is a cool gift for mom for more than one reason. First, like the labradorite necklace from the same maker, above, it's made from recycled silver which means it's high quality and also more eco-friendly.

If that wasn't cool enough, the evergreen stamp has even more significance. Each necklace purchased supports the protection of old-growth forests in Vancouver. Wearing this necklace helps promote awareness of this issue and buying it is a great way to be a part of the solution.

Decor she'll love

Image courtesy of Scene3designs

Radical reuse: skating meets sustainability

Whether your Mom likes to shred or needs a little sunshine at her desk, this planter is just thing thing. These amazing geometric planters are made from colorful, upcycled skateboards. Scene 3 designs describes their process:

We collect the skateboards from local skaters. Once the grip tape is removed we cut the boards into strips, then glue them together to form a 2 x 2 inch block. Each planter gets a clear enamel finish after a final hand sanding.

Because of their handmade and upcycled nature, no two are exactly alike. Each measures 2 x 2 x 2 inches and comes with its own air plant. 

Image courtesy of Fervent Folk

Recycling with a twist

A great way to start your “stocking stuffers for mom” shopping list is by thinking about her favorite activities and how you can help her celebrate or enjoy them. Whether your mom is a cyclist or a lover of skillfully created handicrafts, she'll love this tiny bicycle ornament.

Description from the seller:

“This Bicycle is made from tin-cans by Madame Odette and her family who live in Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar…These bicycles stand on their own with the functioning kick-stand.”

They're perfect for decorating a desk or shelf and can also be ordered as an ornament.

Image courtesy of The Dancing Wick

Cleaner candles

The Dancing Wick candles are among our favorites for so many reasons. Not only do they have a variety of looks – from rustic mason jar to classic tumbler – but they also have any scent your heart (or nose) could desire. 

And they still manage to be eco-friendly and better for the air quality of your home. They use soy wax, cotton wicks, and essential oils to make burning their candles as clean as possible. 

These are also a great option if you are sending a gift directly to someone on your list. The Dancing Wick will wrap and write a note from you, on request. If you have a candle lover on your list, these are definitely worth a  look!

A little pampering

Refillable packaging

It's exciting to see a luxury brand embracing more sustainability. Dior’s refillable lipstick is a (relatively) affordable way to get a little eco-friendly luxury into Mom's stocking.  From the manufacturer:

  • What it is: A couture, refillable, universal lip balm composed of 95% natural-origin ingredients* for up to 24 hours of hydration** and soothing lip care.
  • What Else You Need to Know: This lip balm offers up to 24 hours of hydration with a formula enriched with extract of peony and pomegranate flower for lips that appear soothed and more beautiful day after day.
Cold weather TLC

If you live in an area where forced heat is necessary in the winter months, the fight against winter dry skin has probably already begun. Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask is hydrating without being greasy so it's perfect to wear at night.

Origins is also a great company with goals and initiatives that will make you feel good about supporting their business including:

  • Over 2 million trees planted throughout the world
  • Manufacturing facilities with 100% renewable energy
  • Carbon emission offsets for the products they ship
  • More sustainable packaging including FSC™ certified cartons

Lots of luxury in a small package

There is just something about Chanel – the simple black and white package is just so effortlessly chic. And although part of their allure is this timelessness, it's great to see the brand evolve and remain current with what’s important today.

It’s doing just that with the Chanel No 1 brand which they call “a new generation of eco-responsible formulas featuring skincare, makeup and a fragrance mist.” This line, which includes skincare, makeup, and a fragrance, considers the brand's overall environmental footprint by using naturally derived materials in the product and packaging and offering a refillable option for many of the products.

Breaking up with face wipes

This product delivers a trinity of product goodness: it’s cute, easy to use, and saves money. Face wipes have become increasingly popular for removing makeup at the end of the day. Unfortunately, while convenient, they are also pretty wasteful.

This is where MakeUp Eraser comes in for the win. MakeUp Eraser offers an assortment of multi-use cleaning pads designed to remove makeup without the need for soap. Perhaps best of all, since these can be used for multiple years, they’re also a huge cost and waste savings.

A cleaner body wash

I can’t remember now where I heard about Hey Human's body wash but I was intrigued by the aluminum bottle so I gave it a try. I’m so glad I did because the Rosewater Ginger scent isn’t probably one that I would have been naturally compelled to try, but I love it. The feeling I get after I use it reminds me of when you leave the hair salon and your hair smells deliciously different than usual. 

It also has a rich creamy feel that leaves my skin feeling more hydrated versus bar soap which is great as we enter the dry skin months. This would be a great “self-care” treat for anyone who would appreciate a little more luxury in their shower routine.

Get your goat

Beekman 1802 is an operational farm with more than 100 goats that, in conjunction with 25 other private goat farms, produce the milk used in soaps, lotions, and other products.

In addition to their online shop and Amazon store, they have a physical location in Sharon Springs, NY – all of which sell artisan-made goods, chocolates, and cheeses, in addition to their goat’s milk products.   


Taking lip care to the next level

Burt's Bees feels like the original socially responsible cosmetics company and is probably a staple of many stockings across the country. The company is a leader in using and producing recyclable materials, decreasing waste in landfills, and is CarbonNeutral(R) Certified.

If you're not sure what that special someone on your list would like, Burt's Bees tinted lip balms seem like a good bet. The addition of just a little bit of tint makes this best-in-class lip moisturizer a little fun, too.


Honestly beautiful

Help that special someone on your list add a little shimmer to their holidays with Honest's Eye Catcher Lid Tint. This formulation is good for Mom and the planet – vegan and cruelty-free, plus designed without ingredients that often irritate sensitive eyes.

Cozy stocking stuffers for mom

Image courtesy of MooseMountainMittens

Cashmere dream

This scarf is the best of both worlds – luxury and eco-friendliness. Made from 12 different upcycled cashmere sweaters this would be great for the mom who loves scarves or just needs a little more warmth on a chilly day. 

This colorful combination is sure to brighten any cold winter's day, and Moose Mountain has a color combination to suite every taste. 

Feel the warmth

Who wouldn't love Bernie mittens? If Mom spends a lot of time outdoors or runs cold in the winter, these mittens are for her! They are so thick and warm because they’re made of upcycled sweaters! These cuties are from TrendyWendy who offers a variety of pattern and color combinations that Mom is sure to love.

Put a sock in it

Bombas socks seem to be popping up everywhere! They’re popular for good reason – Bombas makes a high-quality sock with a great mission. For every item of clothing they sell, they donate one to those in need. They also have a great sustainability plan that they summarize under the heading “better essentials from start to finish.” This means they: 

  • have decided to make items that people actually need like socks
  • make them durable so you don’t need as many
  • use better materials – like recycled textiles and packaging 
  • they even offer a “take back bag” that you can use to recycle any clothing item. The cost is $10 and they will give you a $10 credit you can use in their store. 

And if you need more, they’re a certified B corp! Definitely a great stocking stuffer addition. 

Special treats for mom's stocking

Sweets for a sweetie

When it comes to finding stocking stuffers for mom, it's almost impossible to go wrong with chocolate. Niagara makes so many varieties, there's bound to be one Mom will love. (like peanut buttercoconut, chocolatesalted almondroasted peanut, and salted caramel)

Each bag of chocolates is handcrafted in Buffalo, NY and the ingredients are sustainably sourced and Rainforest Alliance Certified. 


Some like it hot

One of the best things in life is a freshly brewed cup of coffee. And if you have a coffee savorer in your life, this is the perfect mug for them. 

Disposable coffee cups and lids not only create a lot of waste but the interior lining can leach plastic into your hot beverage. Travel mugs are a much better choice, but make it hard to reheat your coffee when it cools down. Problem solved with the W&P Porter travel mug! It's ceramic, so once the lid is removed it can go right in the microwave. 

Beauty and functionality in one cute package!

It's in the bag

Image courtesy of Bolseetha

Limited edition upcycled bags

This bag is called “Mom's Garden” – what could be more perfect? Only 8 of these upcycled beauties were created, but luckily the shop has many great fabrics to choose from. 

Check out how they describe their process: 

  • From thrift shops to yard sales we search for fabric on its last legs before it goes to the landfill. Whether it is a vintage bed skirt, microfiber bedsheets, grandma's tablecloth, 90's window curtains, or a beautiful old dress we want to give it a new life and purpose.
  • Once we rescue enough fabric we are ready to put it to good use. The fabric is first washed then sorted by color. The patterns are cut next and stored until an order is received. Only when we get an order your bag is sewn and packaged for shipping

Image courtesy of Shaktism

Stuff your saris in a sack

Upcycling is a great sustainable solution but also frequently results in something that gives the end result so much character and uniqueness. This is certainly true for the bags, scarves, and other accessories at the Etsy shop Shaktism, many of which are made from upcycled saris. 

The mission behind this company makes each purchase that much more thoughtful. In their own words:

Shakti.ism | शक्तिवाद is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to empower and employ disadvantaged women in India, Bangladesh, and now in Nepal! ❤️ We repurpose sari fabric and use traditional techniques like block printing and kantha stitching, making every item in our shop truly unique! Profits are reinvested into the social enterprise, so we can continue to create more work for more women.”

Creativity enabling stocking stuffers for mom

Old school

Paperage with recycled paper is perfect for that Mom who's always got ideas she needs to jot down. They are big enough to fit a lot onto one page but still small and light enough to easily stash in a work bag or for whenever inspiration strikes. And with the band that holds them shut and an inside pocket to stash notes, they're a great companion for those who travel frequently for work or otherwise.

For the manager and creator

The Rocketbook is an awesome solution that allows you to take notes by hand but still digitize them. They're basically the functionality of a whiteboard, in notebook form, and come with the ability to scan via your phone and store digitally. 

The smallest version here could fit into a stocking, but they come in a variety of sizes and colors to accommodate any need Mom may have..

This holiday season, make stocking stuffers for mom a delightful highlight of the festivities. With an array of carefully selected items, you can infuse her holiday with warmth and affection. Whether she's a fan of cozy socks, gourmet chocolates, personalized trinkets, or pampering skincare, there's a stocking stuffer for mom that perfectly aligns with her tastes. Showcasing thoughtfulness and love, these small yet meaningful gifts are an excellent way to express your gratitude and celebrate the incredible woman in your life. This year, make her stocking stuffers for mom a charming gesture that amplifies the holiday spirit and cherishes the unique bond you share.

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