15 best eco-friendly candles you can burn guilt-free
CNN, April 16, 2024

This article explores the sustainability of candles, highlighting concerns with conventional options like paraffin wax and synthetic fragrances. It also discusses eco-friendly alternatives such as soy, beeswax, and coconut wax, as well as the importance of transparent sourcing and responsible manufacturing practices. 

The article wraps up with 15 recommended eco-friendly candles, emphasizing factors like renewable materials, minimal additives, and recyclable packaging. 

Homes and Gardens highlights seven eco-friendly gadgets that promote sustainable living and offer practical solutions for reducing energy consumption and waste while maintaining modern conveniences. These gadgets include smart thermostats, compost bins, solar lighting, intelligent irrigation systems, smart plugs, rainwater harvesting systems, and washing machine microfiber filters. Each gadget is explained in detail, emphasizing its benefits for both the environment and household savings. Overall, the article aims to provide insights into integrating eco-friendly technologies into daily life to support sustainability efforts.

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), in partnership with the Chemical Insights Research Institute (CIRI), has released new research on how extreme weather and climate events affect the built environment and human health. The report emphasizes the need for interior designers to adopt proactive strategies for building resilience and improving occupant health in the face of climate change. Key findings highlight the dangers posed by poor indoor air quality and the complex mixture of chemicals exacerbated by extreme weather, underscoring the necessity of innovative design approaches to mitigate these impacts. The research advocates for an integrative design process, careful evaluation of materials, and continuous outcome monitoring to enhance building resiliency and occupant well-being.

Homebuyers today prioritize green construction and eco-friendly materials, both in new and previously owned homes, with Zillow noting that such features can expedite sales and increase property values. To enhance a home's value, either for market listing or personal enjoyment, top renovations for home-owners to consider include energy-efficient appliances, drought-friendly landscaping, tankless water heaters, and eco-friendly materials like bamboo flooring. These choices reflect a growing consumer emphasis on sustainability, potentially leading to higher home values and quicker sales.

Week of February 18, 2024​

  • Innovation


  • The article aims to help designers select appliances based on energy efficiency alongside considerations of aesthetics and space planning. It advocates for transitioning to all-electric appliances to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and offers tips for introducing the idea to clients. Other energy-saving strategies discussed include using existing appliances when possible, donating old ones, choosing Energy Star Most Efficient appliances, being mindful of amperage, refraining from duplicate appliances, and investing in high-quality, appropriately sized appliances. 


  • For a truly sustainable project, the Luna is a – dare-we-say stylish? – composting toilet by recently unveiled by the company Harvest Moon at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. With a minimalist aesthetic, the Luna claims to help “even the most squeamish” transform waste into usable compost within 24 hours. It features a self-contained system that requires no plumbing or electricity, making it suitable for off-grid living or remote locations. 



  • If you’re curious about Japandi interior design, this article can help you understand the basics and check out some examples of living rooms in this style. The author explains that Japandi living rooms blend Japanese and Scandinavian design traditions to create calming, sustainable spaces. These spaces prioritize wellbeing and often include neutral colors, natural materials, and embrace nature as a foundation for design. 


  • Google has opened a new, innovative North American headquarters which just might make people rethink their desire to work from home.  The project repurposed and preserved St. John’s Terminal, a historic railway station in Manhattan. In addition to LEED and other sustainability certifications, the building features clever design elements such as reclaimed wood from the Coney Island boardwalk.


  • This article shares the listing of a home in Dallas, TX that uses Insulated Concrete Form construction. Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction involves using interlocking modular units made of insulating foam, which are stacked and filled with concrete to create the walls of a building. This construction method offers high thermal insulation, structural strength, and soundproofing capabilities. It's known for its energy efficiency, durability, and resilience against extreme weather conditions. It’s an ideal material for homes in areas prone to extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or high winds, as well as areas with temperature extremes, including both very hot and very cold climates



  • Metropolis Highlights two inspirational and sustainable new products:
    • A solar-powered bench STUDIO ENESS, crafted from recyclable material with a floral design and solar panels at its center which allow it to spin slowly in response to sunlight.
    • Sensei Tactile Surfaces, a collection of adhesive tiles with distinct textures and colors, aiding visually impaired individuals in wayfinding in interior spaces.
  • You may know Avocado as a manufacturer of sustainable mattresses, but they also have an innovative line of eco-friendly wood furniture. They recently won the 2024 Sustainable Innovation Award from Good Housekeeping for their Zero Waste Slatted Side Table, recognized for its eco-friendly design and functionality. Avocado's furniture collection, made from upcycled wood and diverting 78% of its waste from landfills, impressed judges and testers alike for its style and environmental commitment. The side table, priced at $329, garnered praise for its luxurious appearance and seamless integration with existing furniture.


  • You may be aware that Steelcase is a leading office furniture manufacturer, but you may not be aware of its sustainability credentials. Recently, they received an A- rating from CDP, a top environmental disclosure platform, placing it in the top 5% of surveyed firms for its sustainability efforts. Steelcase is the sole company in its industry to achieve this distinction, demonstrating its commitment to environmental strategy and action. 


  • Luxury furniture producer Liang & Eimil recently introduced a new collection of furniture crafted from recycled PET fabric, showcasing its commitment to sustainability. By incorporating RPET fabric into its designs, the brand not only repurposes plastic waste but also reduces CO2 emissions and energy consumption. This initiative builds on their ongoing efforts including sourcing FSC-certified wood.

Retailer news


  • Dallas-based home decor brand The Citizenry, known for its sustainable artisanal goods, has been acquired by Denver's Havenly, an interior design and furnishings company. The acquisition aims to scale The Citizenry's fair trade impact and expand its offerings through Havenly's platforms. The deal signifies Havenly's commitment to sustainable growth and marks its third acquisition in 36 months, positioning it as a leading digital-first platform in the home decor market.


  • For the 5th year, Good Housekeeping undertook The Sustainable Innovation Awards which recognize companies making strides in eco-conscious practices. Furniture was included among many household essentials and a top prize was awared to Avocado for their Zero Waste Collection.



  • This article examines trends in real estate listings as a reflection of changing buyer preferences. It finds: 
    • Brutalism as a notable interior design trend, according to Zillow, with a 452% increase in listings mentioning this mid-20th-century style
    • Murals gaining in popularity, with an 18% increase in for-sale homes featuring them
    • The “cloffice” trend, born out of pandemic necessity, declining, with 54% fewer listings showcasing 
    • Decreasing mentions of Zoom rooms and office sheds

Week of February 11, 2024

Sustainable Design Inspiration


  • If you love trees and home design, this article is for you. It highlights 6 homes in India that beautifully incorporate trees into their aesthetic. This beautiful passage pulled me right in “A home is like a tree. It gets planted. It takes root. It gets nourished with care and attention. It flourishes and matures. It gets bedecked with memories. It rustles with your laughter and blooms with your joy. It provides sanctuary.” 

Green Materials


  • Finding new uses for recycled plastic is something to get excited about and the Thallus chair does not disappoint. Designer Torres Chen utilized algorithms to refine the chair's curves and enhance its performance, and collabored with ARM Robotics to bring it to life using recycled PETG polymer. The resulting chair is a fusion of technology, bold design, and eco-friendliness. 


  • This story highlights a groundbreaking fabric made from apple waste. The resulting material is durable, water-resistant and has a unique aesthetic featuring translucent sheets speckled with red. The material, that the manufacturers call “Adam” can be used in many applications including clothing and furniture.

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