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23 eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts she’ll love

In this post, we share some of our favorite, eco-friendly Mother's Day gifts.

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Mother’s Day is a tough holiday! While it’s a great opportunity to thank the ones who have mothered you, it can be hard to come up with an idea of how to express that thanks in gift form. 

It occurred to me that many of the home decor items that we’ve featured in other blog posts are things that I’d love to receive and would make great, eco-friendly Mother's Day gifts. And, since they're more sustainable, they're naturally a little more thoughtful, too.

A traditional Mother's Day gift idea with a twist

Flowers are a classic, can’t-go-wrong idea. If you can get local flowers in bloom near you, that’s a great eco-friendly Mother's day gift option. If not, the ones we’ve included below are beautiful alternatives that won't wilt when Mother's Day is done.

Felt peony bouquet

Image courtesy of TheHardwoodForest2

If you know someone who loves peonies, this romantic felt bouquet from TheHardwoodForest2 will make them smile all year.

Felt mixed bouquet

Image courtesy of TheHardwoodForest2

This Hydrangea, Peony, Protea felt bouquet, also from TheHardwoodForest2, feels like happiness manifested in bouquet form. 

Handmade crepe paper flowers with heart

crepe paper pink and white peonies for mom

Image courtesy of TeshPaperFlowers

In addition to the fact that they are gorgeous another cool thing about TeshPaperFlowers is that they are handcrafted by an artisan in Ukraine. Supporting our friends going through some dramatic challenges overseas gives these flowers extra meaning and makes the world feel just a little smaller.

A DIY Mother's Day Gift she'll love

pink, white, and grey felt flower mother's day bouquet

Image courtesy of HeartgroovesHandmade

HeartgroovesHandmade can send you a kit so that you can make beautiful felt flowers yourself. With their kits, you get the benefit of a gorgeous homemade gift for mom that’s just a little more do-able.

The gift of outdoor leisure

eco-friendly blue and white handmade hammock

image courtesy of Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Handwoven hammock from Yellow Leaf Hammock

Handmade hammock

Ever since our sustainable outdoor furniture blog, I’ve been coveting the Double Size hammock in Vineyard Haven. I like to imagine that if I had this handcrafted beauty, I would also have hours of uninterrupted lazy summer naps. A girl can dream.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks are handmade by artisans in Thailand and are available in a double size, family size, individual/chair size, and a plethora of fun colors.

POLYWOOD® rocker

Spending a little time outside each day (with a good book or glass of wine, maybe?) feels like the kind of self-care that is actually achievable.

If Mom doesn't have a comfy outdoor spot to escape to, a POLYWOOD® rocker is a great option. POLYWOOD® is made out of HDPE, a type of recycled and recyclable plastic that is also low maintenance and extremely durable. 

What could be better than an eco-friendly Mother's day gift idea that helps her enjoy the outdoors?

A little sparkle

Images courtesy of OceanPlastics

New life for ocean plastic

It's amazing how something as stunning as these pieces can emerge from something as problematic as ocean plastic! Crafted with eco-resin and sourced from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, these rings, necklaces, and earrings carry a story of sustainability and creativity. What's even more heartening is that for every item sold, the artist contributes a dollar to the Surfrider Foundation, championing ocean conservation efforts.

Every creation is one-of-a-kind, reflecting the individuality inherent in both the materials and the artist's vision. And if your Mom has a particular color preference, don't worry —custom pieces are welcomed. 

Images courtesy of Ayr Tan

Statement jewelry for your bold mama

These pieces are perfect for the design-savvy, bold-hearted moms out there! Crafted from recycled acrylic, sterling silver, and gold, each one of these vibrant and eco-friendly Mother's Day gift candidates earned recognition as an Etsy Design Award finalist in 2022. Described by the company as “jewelry for the conscious, contemporary, and curious,” each piece carries a story of sustainability and style.

Inspired by architecture, nature, and urban culture, these versatile designs offer a delightful fusion of artistic influences. With a plethora of captivating options to choose from, we've curated a selection that showcases the diverse range of styles available. Dive in and discover the perfect statement piece for the mom who appreciates artistry with a purpose. A few favorites:


Image courtesy of Spirit of Vera

One-of-a-kind jewelry for your one-of-a-kind mom

The thought and care that goes into the jewelry from Spirit of Vera is simply amazing. The labradorite stone used in this necklace is gorgeous and the silver it hangs on is also so special From Spirit of Vera:

The silver is recycled (in an environmentally responsible way) from electronics, which contributes over 70% of toxicity to landfills, despite representing only 7% by volume. This highly regulated process takes place in Canada and the USA. The resulting recycled silver is a higher grade than conventional sterling silver. It has a higher percentage of silver to copper, is nickel-free, and contains germanium, a base metal that prevents oxidization.

Image courtesy of Coffee Pod Creations

Wearable coffee art

This is for your coffee-loving Mom! At first glance, this stone looks like a natural stone but is actually an upcycled coffee pod! They're available in various colors and patterns and would look great as an everyday piece or layered with other necklaces. Each pendant comes with an 18″ Gold Stainless Steel chain and measures 10mm in diameter

In this case, upcycling certainly creates a beautiful and eco-friendly Mother's day gift for any special coffee-lover in your life.

Longer-lasting Mother's Day gift ideas

A plant is a great way to give the eco-friendly Mother's day gift of longer-lasting blooms. With any plant gift, make sure that it is safe if accidentally ingested by children or pets, if your recipient has either.

Air purifying beauties

eco-friendly mother's day gift peace lily

Peace lilies, as well as a few other household plants, are scientifically proven (by NASA!) to improve air quality. I try to minimize the miles my plants have to travel to get to me – this one from Costa Farms is a great option for people in the US.

Delicious ‘Lemon Chiffon' (orchid)

image courtesy of SecretGardenPlants

If you think a plant can't be as beautiful as a cut bouquet, this orchid from SecretGardenPlants will challenge that belief. 

The birds and the bees

Gifting seeds is a great way to give beautiful blooms and also support your local ecosystem. I love this assortment from SeedGeeks that they advertise as“10 Dazzling Heirloom Flowers to grow a pollinator paradise.”  

Artwork related Mother's Day gift ideas

There are so many great artists and craftspeople on Etsy. We've included a few of our favorites here but if these aren't to her taste, I'd encourage you to look around on the site – there are so many talented working artists who'd love your support!

Special photo keepsake

black and white photo of mother and toddler holding flowers

SolidRockDesignCo will create a one of a kind wall hanging using a photo of Mama and a song or quote that's meaningful to her. 

Personalized artwork

Image courtesy of DreamFolkStudio

This DreamFolkStudio beauty is both decorative and sentimental. If you're not sure if this is Mom's taste, check out DreamFolkStudio's shop – they have a lot of other really great pieces.

Decorative family history

Image courtesy of Chatamplace

Chatamplace will take special dates in your families history and turn them into a modern keepsake for Mom to display.

Eco-friendly Mother's day gift decor she'll love

Image courtesy of The Dancing Wick

Cleaner candles

We're absolutely smitten with The Dancing Wick candles, and it's not hard to see why. Offering a delightful array of styles, from charming rustic mason jars to timeless tumblers, there's something to suit every taste. But it's not just their aesthetics that captivate us—these candles boast an extensive range of enchanting scents, ensuring there's a fragrance to please every olfactory preference.

What truly sets them apart, however, is their commitment to sustainability and indoor air quality. Crafted from soy wax, cotton wicks, and infused with essential oils, The Dancing Wick candles promise a clean and eco-friendly burn, enhancing the ambiance of your home without compromising on purity.

For those looking to spread a little joy, these candles make an ideal gift option. The Dancing Wick offers personalized wrapping and handwritten notes upon request, making them a thoughtful choice for anyone on your list. If you're shopping for a candle enthusiast, these beauties are an absolute must-see!

Image courtesy of Fervent Folk

Recycling with a twist

If your mom is a cyclist, this little bauble is a great way to help her celebrate her hobby. She'll love this tiny bicycle ornament that is a fun statement piece for a shelf, desktop or even to decorate the tree when the holidays come around.

Description from the seller:

“This Bicycle is made from tin-cans by Madame Odette and her family who live in Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar…These bicycles stand on their own with the functioning kick-stand.”


Image courtesy of Scene3designs

Radical reuse: skating meets sustainability

Whether your Mom is an avid skateboarder or simply craves a touch of sunshine on her desk, this planter is just the thing. Crafted from vibrant, upcycled skateboards, these stunning geometric planters from Scene 3 Designs bring a burst of color and eco-conscious flair to any space.

Here's a peek into their process: The skateboards are sourced locally from skaters, then undergo a transformation where they're stripped of grip tape and cut into strips. These strips are meticulously glued together to form a 2 x 2 inch block, ensuring each planter is a unique work of art. After a final hand sanding, a clear enamel finish is applied, adding a touch of polish to each piece.

Thanks to their handmade and upcycled origins, no two planters are identical. Measuring 2 x 2 x 2 inches, each comes complete with its own air plant, ready to breathe life into any setting.

Experience gifts

9 colorful nail polish bottles

Studies have shown that experiences are more likely to result in true happiness than things. The gift of relaxation in the form of a massage, manicure, or special meal is a great idea for that hard-to-shop-for Mom. 

If these high-end experiences are out of your budget, why not create a little spa experience yourself? I love Ella + Mila nail polish that is free from a lot of the toxic substances of most nail polishes and they also have a soy-based nail polish remover. Plus, they’re a women-owned business and certified not to test their products on animals.

Etsy gift card

If you aren’t 100% confident you can predict your mom’s taste, there’s always the option of a gift card. While a gift card can sometimes feel impersonal, when you support Etsy you’re supporting artists, small businesses, and the planet. Etsy offsets carbon emissions from its shipping and has the goal of being carbon neutral by 2030. Giving someone a credit at Etsy defintely goes beyond the typical gift card.

An eco-friendly Mother's Day gift that benefits the community

All jokes about the Human Fund aside, part of what can make it hard to buy for the important people in your life is that they already have everything they really need. If that’s the case, why not contribute to something bigger and more meaningful? Just about everyone has a soft spot for a cause that matches up to a great organization in need. 

We hope these eco-friendly Mother's Day gift ideas help you have a great day celebrating the special people who nurtured you this year!

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