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One of our favorite books about landscaping

In this post: We share one of our favorite books about landscaping and some resources on finding eco-friendly furniture options for outdoor spaces.

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I dream of a cozy outdoor space that becomes part of everyday living and, Take It Outside has become a major source of daydreams and inspiration on this journey. It's become one of my favorite books about landscaping and a top recommendation to friends and family looking to up their game when it comes to outdoor living.

Images from Take It Outside

The expertise behind Take It Outside

The authors, Mel Brasier, Garrett Magee, and James DeSantis, are also owners of a company called Manscapers. Not only does their experience include countless landscaping projects in their NYC and Los Angeles locations but they are also the stars of the Bravo show Backyard Envy. Needless to say, they are well qualified to lend some advice on inspiration on creating beautiful outdoor spaces.

In this video, meet the authors of Take It Outside and get a sampling of their expertise as they make recommendations on several outdoor spaces.

What makes Take It Outside one of the best books on landscaping

First of all: the pictures. I want to go on vacation in every single one. A quick skim and it’s clear that this book is going to go beyond sprawling suburban spaces to help those with all kinds of landscaping challenges.

For anyone like me who’s intimidated by the process of figuring out how to tackle the home outside their doors, this is a great resource. I hesitate to even use the word “landscaping” because this book really goes beyond just helping you select plants to really creating a space that uniquely fits your life and style. I particularly love that they highlight the importance of planting native plants and pollinators. 

Take It Outside starts by recommending that you select a concept for your space (totally makes sense – never occurred to me for landscaping) and then reviews the steps of bringing that concept to life. Their process includes thinking about the layout, what furniture you’ll need, how to select the right vegetation, and bringing in the finishing touches. 

Adding eco-friendly furniture to your outdoor space

Speaking of selecting furniture, if you need some help there, look no further. Check out our guide to finding the right outdoor furniture to meet your unique needs. We cover our favorite brands and what makes them sustainable.

Guide to Outdoor Furniture Brands

These sustainable outdoor furniture companies make it easy to create a stylish and sustainable outdoor space.

I hope that if you combine what you learn from Take It Outside with our guide to outdoor furniture, you can create the perfect outdoor environment for years to come. Let us know how it goes! 

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