geometric green leaf wallpaper behind bed and nightstand

Patterned green wallpaper that will look great on your walls

In this post: Beautiful (non-toxic!) patterned green wallpaper, with options for every home style. 

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Greener wallpaper

I was exposed to a lot of wallpaper in the 80s (like, A LOT of wallpaper) so it’s possible that my psyche was permanently altered. This may also explain why I’m slightly obsessed with pattern in wall decor these days. I find myself wondering things like “well now, how many rooms is too many to put wallpaper in?” 

Before I went too far down the slippery wallpaper slope, however, I was curious how safe it is – especially in rooms where we’d be spending a lot of time, well, breathing. I distinctly remember that strong, plastic-y smell of freshly applied wallpaper which I’m now learning were probably VOCs that killed a brain cell or two. (I’m going to blame the wallpaper on my inability to grasp high school chemistry. Which is ironic, if you think about it.) 

Great news about wallpaper these days, it’s much more people-friendly. Many manufacturers now use non-toxic inks and the application and removal are a lot less cumbersome than they used to be. Today, there are a lot of peel-and-stick versions – including removable options that are perfect for renters.

Based on all of these facts, it’s inevitable that there will be a few posts about wallpaper as I daydream about possibilities. As I perused, I found myself drawn to a few colors and pattern types – and, in light of the theme of my blog and my love of the color, the first theme I’d like to focus on is green. I love that I’m seeing green pop up more and more in home decor and I think the green patterned wallpaper designs I’ve highlighted would look great in just about every home.

First, the floral patterned green wallpaper

I’m a sucker for a floral. There’s something peaceful about highlighting botanic colors and shapes indoors. Florals can be a challenge, though, as the style of the pattern can change over time and feel outdated. Which is why I’d advocate for using florals in throw pillows, art or peel and stick wallpaper and not in upholstery that you hope to keep for more than a few years. 

These are six great floral green wallpaper options that would work well in many different rooms – from a nursery, to a dining room or study. All are made with non-toxic ink and come in a variety of textures, finishes, and adhesives.

green floral patterned wallpaper with pink and yellow flowers

Dark Floral Jungle Wallpaper, courtesy of James and Colors

Dark Vintage Floral Wallpaper, courtesy of James and Colors

Boho – A401image courtesy of ScandinavianWorkshop

Green and pink floral wallpaper, image courtesy of James and Colors.

If you're considering any Spoonflower wallpaper designs for your home, I highly recommend ordering a sample. They are each so beautiful, it's hard for the pictures to do them justice. I found myself wishing I had 5 dining rooms to wallpaper because both of these would make a gorgeous statement.

Olive green wallpaper with white flowers

Olive Green Minimal Floral Damask wallpaper from Spoonflower

Green botanical wallpaper in shades of green and pink

Spring Garden Pink Flower Green Leaves wallpaper from Spoonflower

I heart cats

I've noticed that wild cats have become popular in design lately which couldn't make me happier. (Any Untamed cheetahs out there?)  But for those of you who may not love a cat theme as much as I do, I'll try and restrain myself and keep it to just two lovely prints for today.  But let's put a pin in this idea because I could see a future post where I really roll up my sleeves and get in touch with my inner cat lady.

Mint green wallpaper with cats

Jaguar Sage Wallpaper from Spoonflower

Fun with geometric patterned green wallpaper

I’m an advocate for having fun in home decor and often find myself inadvertently browsing the kids section of home decor stores and sites. That said, I think these four green wallpaper designs could work equally well in a kid’s or grown up’s space.

Zig Zag Waves from Spoonflower

Cream and Olive Green – 370, image courtesy of James and Colors

Botanical patterned green wallpaper

I felt like these guys deserved their own category. They're kind of a cool hybrid between a floral and a geometric pattern and could work well in both modern and traditional spaces. 

B442, image courtesy of ScandinavianWorkshop

B602, image courtesy of ScandinavianWorkshop

Put a bird on it

There's no shame in adding a bird here or there and these guys will tempt you to jump in and own it. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out my green wallpaper daydreams. Let me know your favorite and if you use one in your home, please send pics!

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