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Planter shops that go beyond the ordinary

In this post, we share some of our favorite planter shops for adding a little pizzazz to your plants. 

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There’s almost no home decor that doesn’t improve when you add a little life to it in the form of a houseplant. Something about having a living object in the room really makes it feel both more interesting and at the same time comfortable. And depending upon how you accessorize that plant, you can create a very different vibe.

Even better, many plants have been scientifically proven to have benefits to those they live with, including purifying air quality. So it stands to reason that when you’re designing your home, you should consider how to include some foliage in your design and also how you want to dress it up.

I recently started focusing more on trying to keep a few houseplants alive in my office where I spend such a huge chunk of the day. It’s been surprising how much fun I’ve had experimenting with some cute planters that I’ve collected over the years. What’s kinda cool is that, with the right accessorizing, a plant can (literally) breathe life into just about any design style. Let’s look at a few.

Contemporary home style

Minimum Design

modern indigo, angular planters on wood stands

image courtesy of Minimum Design

I really can’t get enough of these planters from Minimum Design. Beyond clean geometric shapes, if you’re wondering what makes them look so unique, it’s the bioplastic they are made from called PLA. PLA stands for Polylactic acid which is similar to plastic but is made from cornstarch or sugar cane instead of fossil fuels. The cornstarch or sugar cane is mixed with wood, giving it a more natural look. 

I love the groups of small pots that I think would really add some wow to a collection of succulents or other slower-growing plants.


Planter shops for a modern or traditional home

At first blush, it might seem odd to put these two styles together but I do think simple planter designs could work equally well in both types of homes. However, if you're looking for a little more flair, try skipping down to the “vintage planter” section which might just be what you are looking for.


Ecopots would look great in a lot of homes. Not only are their simple styles a great fit for today’s home, but the products themselves are built to reflect the things that are important in our modern world, most notably, sustainability. The company describes its product:

“Made from high quality, certified recycled materials and with a unique, handmade finish, Belgian-designed Ecopots is a brand with durability at its very core.”

Ecopots has considered the full life cycle of its products. They use recycled materials and focus on quality to increase each pots usable life.

Kanso Designs

Image courtesy of Kanso Designs

Kanso Designs also exemplifies a simple modern aesthetic. Even their name “refers to the simplicity or elimination of clutter.”  

Kanso planter pots are made from agricultural waste such as coffee bean husk, bamboo fiber, wheat husk, and recycled plastics. They specify that they “use non-toxic chemicals such as resin that is free of phenol and formaldehyde.” In addition, Kanso “remove(s) harmful chemical dyes and adhesives from our products.”

As impressive as their list of materials is, they go beyond just the product in considering their environmental footprint. This thoughtfulness includes using packaging made from recycled and biodegradable materials. Additionally, they make sure that the factories where their products are made have quality standards when it comes to social and environmental practices.

Mid-century modern planter shops to check out

Having a potted plant should be a requirement in a mid-century modern home. There’s just something about this style that meshes well with organic plant shapes. One of the best ways to do a current take on mid-century planter style is with a simple pot and plant stand combination. Check out a few of our favorite options and if you love mid-century style or interested in learning more, check out our full article on mid-century modern interior design!

Alfie and Gem

Alfie & Gem is a great planter shop to check out if you’re maintaining a mid-century aesthetic. Their plant stands are gorgeous but there’s even more to love. Each one is made from eco-friendly acacia wood and bamboo without toxic chemical finishes. These stands are also really versatile. Many have an adjustable width to accommodate different pot sizes and can also be flipped upside down so that you can choose between two different heights. 

In addition, if you don’t already have a decorative pot to put in your new stand, they’ve got you covered there, too. They make decorative rope baskets to hide the plastic pots that plants come home in. Each is constructed from 100% recycled cotton rope. 

image courtesy of Alfie & Gem

Morse Studio Co

image courtesy of Morse Studio Co

Another planter shop sure to work well with your mid-century vibe is Morse Studio Co. I’m in love with their Wood “COILED” Mid-Century Indoor Planter! It's 3D printed using biodegradable materials mixed with recycled wood. In addition, Morse Studio Co has several options that are made for wall hanging which could add a unique design element to your space.

Planter shops to find the perfect thing for your eclectic home

If your home style defies a category, I salute you and feel the same. I have trouble staying in the lanes of one aesthetic and can’t resist adding some character-building flair. If that appeals to you, these next two planter shops may be right up your alley.

Elizabeth Benotti Ceramics

There is nothing like the uniqueness of a handmade item to add life to a space, and Elizabeth Benotti Ceramic's beautiful platers do just that. In her own words, “Ever since I first got my hands into clay, I’ve seen the subtle power of surrounding ourselves with meaningful, quality goods. These objects, when made with care and selected with love, have a way of encouraging us to stop and be present in the moment.” 

Each one of Elizabeth’s planters has so much personality and character, it was hard for me to pick just one. I think any of these would add a lot to the spaces surrounding them. They would make wonderful gifts, too!

image courtesy of Elizabeth Benotti Ceramics

Vintage planter pots

white planter pot with succulents

Personally, I find that adding something vintage is a great way to keep a room from feeling too sterile. Since not everyone is a fan of vintage furniture a vintage planter can be a great option. Plus, what could be more sustainable than reusing something that already exists? 

Over the years, I’ve found really great deals on vintage planter pots at flea markets and estate sales. If you want to speed up the process, though, Etsy has quite a collection. Click on the link below if you’d like to check out what they have currently available from vintage shops

Large outdoor planters

Loll Designs

Loll Designs makes great outdoor items, all out of a type of recycled plastic called HDPE. You can read more about their line of furniture in our guide to sustainable outdoor furniture. In addition, you’ll be excited to know that they make large outdoor planters, too.

There are a few things that are really great about their outdoor planters. First, because they are made of HDPE, they are well suited to withstand the seasons and outdoor weather conditions without damage. They are also extremely versatile. While many of Loll Designs’ are more modern, an option like the tetra large outdoor planter would look great in a more traditional setting.

Finally, I love the way that the variety of shapes and colors they offer allows for outdoor inspiration and creativity. You can put together various planters to create a unique, living art installation in your outdoor space.

image courtesy of Loll Designs

Room & Board

black outdoor rectangular planters with grassy plants in them

image courtesy of Room & Board

Room & Board is one of my favorite go-to sources. I know I’ll always find something that’s both really great looking and that I can feel great about investing in when I shop with them. For your outdoor space, they have quite an assortment of large outdoor planters that would work in a range of home styles.

Using Terrace Planters is a great way to section off different outdoor areas. In addition, they come in a variety of sizes and colors to meet your specific need.


POLYWOOD is another company we’ve featured in other articles, including our outdoor furniture guide. Like Loll Designs, they use HDPE, which is a great product that repurposes what would otherwise be single-use plastic. They’ve been in the business of making durable, sustainable furniture for over 30 years years, and have led the way in the HDPE market.

If your outdoor style is more traditional, POLYWOOD is definitely one of the top planter shops to check out. While their it only comes in one size, 16” square, it comes in an assortment of colors. In addition, each planter comes with some pretty impressive vouchers of quality. Each is made in the U.S., requires just about zero maintenance, and comes with a 20-year warranty.

POLYWOOD white outdoor planter next to lake with spiked plant and vines

image courtesy of POLYWOOD

DeMeyer Woodcraft

ladder large outdoor planter against brick wall

image courtesy of DeMeyer Woodcraft

If you’re looking for something with a natural look and feel, I’d encourage you to check out DeMeyer Woodcraft. They have an assortment of handcrafted large outdoor planters, most made out of cedar. Cedar is a great choice since it's one of the more sustainable woods available. They also prioritize being a part of the solution when it comes to responsible forest management. In their own words:

“We want our work to be more than sustainable. We want it to be redemptive. To this end, we plant a tree, through the National Forest Foundation, in a priority area of our national forests for each order we receive.”

They have a ton of great, versatile, large outdoor planter options but one of my favorites is the vertical ladder planter. This would be a great option for a porch or patio and would even work well in a smaller, urban outdoor space.

You really can't go wrong with these planter shops! I hope they help you enjoy the benefits of having some green in your home. 

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