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Green sofas: combining color, comfort, and eco-conscious design

In this post: we share our favorite green sofas that are also eco-friendly.

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“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”

Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Who doesn’t love green? Green is growth and life and happiness. So it’s no surprise that we see green popping up more and more in home decorating. But those who love all things green may wonder if there are green, green choices — furniture that is not only a beautiful color but also eco-friendly?   

We started exploring one of the important pieces of furniture in the home, the sofa, and It turns out yes! There are quite a few great double green sofas in styles, fabrics, and price points to fit just about any need.

What can make green sofas eco-friendly?

There are a few things that can make a sofa more eco-friendly. The biggest factors include what materials are used and how much care was taken to make the manufacturing process eco-friendly. Some key attributes include:

  • Sourcing wood from certified sustainable forests, validated by FSC® certification
  • Natural, organic, or recycled fabrics for upholstery
  • Low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials that are better for indoor air quality (GREENGUARD certification can help you spot healthier choices)

It’s also important to keep quality in mind when you’re buying a new sofa. A well-constructed, durable sofa will last longer, which decreases the need for a replacement and reduces overall consumption and waste. Some manufacturers also offer modular designs that allow for easy repairs and updates, which can further expand the sofa's lifespan. (pro tip: check out one of our favorite manufacturers with great repair options, Sabai) If your budget is a little tight, there are many great options these days for preowned pieces that can be really budget-friendly.

Our favorite green sofas

Our quest for green, green sofas revealed quite a few great options. Below are some of our favorites that are both gorgeous and also from eco-friendly and sustainable brands.

Image courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Avondale wood leg sofa

  • Made by Crate & Barrel
  • Mabel fabric in basil 
  • Available in 72″, 85″, 96″ lengths
  • $3411 – as pictured at the time of this post

The transitional style of the Avondale feels like it could work in a myriad of home styles, the color is interesting but subtle, and I think it could be dressed up for a formal living room or be a hard worker in a family den.

It’s also available in a number of other shades of green including olive, sage, hunter, marsh, basil, seafoam, lagoon, capri, and nile — regardless of your vision, Crate & Barrel likely has a green sofa to match it. 


The Essential Sofa

  • Made by Sabai
  • Seafoam green recycled velvet (also available in moss green)
  • Available in many configurations, from loveseat to sectional
  • $1545 – as pictured at the time of this post

Sabai is one of our favorite green couch manufacturers. Rather than join the crowd of fast furniture makers, Sabai has rethought the business of making sofas and created a much greener and more circular process. Their sofas are designed modularly, and individual components such as arms, legs, and slipcovers, can be repaired or replaced to keep your couch in good working order. They also have a buy-back program, giving owners a place to resell sofas they no longer need and purchasers to find some good deals. 


seafoam green sofa with 3 back cushions

Image courtesy of Sabai

moss green sofa with traditional slope arms

Image courtesy of Sabai

The Evergreen Sofa

  • Made by Sabai
  • Moss green recycled velvet, also available in seafoam green velvet and fir green hemp fabric
  • Available as shown or as a loveseat
  • $2395 – as pictured at the time of this post

We’re so enamored of Sabai’s green sofas that we had to feature more than one — three, in fact. The second one featured here is the Evergreen which maintains the sustainable attributes of all of Sabai's green sofas with a slightly more transitional, sloped design profile. Another noteworthy attribute of the Evergreen sofa is that it is the only one of Sabai's three styles that is currently available in an eco-friendly hemp option. Compared to many traditional upholstery fabric options, hemp has a low environmental footprint and can be a great option.


The Elevate Sectional

  • Made by Sabai
  • Seafoam green recycled velvet (also available in moss green)
  • Available in many configurations, from loveseat to sectional
  • $2995 – as pictured at the time of this post

If you're looking for a green sectional sofa, the Elevate should be on your list of contenders. It's available in 2 shades of green: seafoam, shown here, and a darker green called moss, and comes in seemingly endless configurations. Sabai describes the style as a “harmonious blend of modern farmhouse charm and unmatched comfort,” and we think its versatile style would look great in modern and more traditional spaces.

moss green sectional sofa

Image courtesy of Sabai

light bright yellow green traditional sofa

Image courtesy of Room & Board


  • Made by Room & Board
  • Pelham citron fabric
  • 80″, 90″, 100″ lengths 
  • $2799 – as pictured at the time of this post

Room & Board has a great sustainability story. For starters, it’s a certified B Corp which means the company is already doing a pretty good job, but they also have some great goals for the future, too. These include having 100% recyclable packaging, using only renewable energy in their manufacturing facilities, reducing waste, and transitioning all wood products to sustainably sourced options. 

Because there are so many beautiful and high-quality pieces available from Room & Board, we could fill this whole article with their green sofas. We encourage you to check them out and have featured a more traditional option in a fun color that really caught our eye.


Hadley Upholstered Sofa

  • Made by Green Row
  • Emerald velvet
  • 78″, 87″, 96″ lengths 
  • $4799 – as pictured at the time of this post

This is a truly gorgeous piece of furniture but it’s about more than just good looks. While it’s one of the pricier green sofas on our list, its list of sustainable attributes is pretty darn impressive. This includes that it is crafted in America, made of FSC®-certified wood (frame), features CertiPUR-US® certified foam, responsible down, or natural latex cushions and is available in recycled and sustainable fabrics.

From the ground up, it’s clear that this sofa was designed to be a sustainable and healthy choice and one for serious consideration.

Image courtesy of Green Row

modern, curvy, mid-century style olive green velvet sofa

Image courtesy of Crate & Barrel

The Cambria Green Velvet Sofa

  • Made by Crate & Barrel
  • Covet olive velvet
  • 96″ length
  • $2699 – as pictured at the time of this post

This green couch looks both current and extremely comfortable. For anyone with a living room that needs to accommodate everyday life as well as entertaining, this beauty could transition nicely between comfortable living and stylish entertaining. We also love the subtle, neutral olive velvet and the fact that the frame is constructed of FSC ®-certified engineered hardwood.

Green sofa honorable mentions

The Range 3-piece Sofa 

  • Made by Burrow
  • Moss green sofa options available
  • The 3-piece is 91.5″ in length, also available in other configurations
  • $1399 – at the time of this post

This moss green sofa from Burrow is pretty great. Not only is it one of the most affordable couches on the list, but it is also extremely customizable. It comes in 6 fabric colors, several configurations, and 3 leg finish options. The Field sofa is available in 2 and 3 seat widths and Burrow offers an attachable ottoman option to create a cozy chaise lounge for $395. 

A unique and fun detail that Burrow offers is the ability to purchase a “sleep kit” for $379 that includes everything you’d need to make this sofa cozy as a guest bed (check it out, it’s much better than sleeping on one of those origami sofa bed mattresses.)

If this sounds like something that could interest you, visit their site for images and more information.

The Warren 

  • Made by Maiden Home
  • Emerald Performance Velvet
  • 60-120″ lengths
  • $2750 – at the time of this post

This emerald green sofa is nothing short of smoldering. It looks rich, moody, and like it would be heaven to curl up on. Even more, Maiden Home highlights that the frame and fabric are built to last. We're especially intrigued by the description of the velvet: “Performance Velvet is a unique cotton & synthetic blend that offers a subtle sheen, soft hand, and strong durability profile. Our Velvet is resistant to crushing, marking, and pilling and is Performance equipped to resist stains and spills.”

Harmony Sofa 

  • Made by West Elm
  • Available in several green sofa options
  • 76-104″ lengths
  • $1599-3099 – at the time of this post

We love that West Elm is a mainstream retailer trying to do better. They have some great news and goals to share around their sourcing of materials and fair trade practices. They have quite a few green sofas and we thought this one did a great job of walking the line between style and comfort.

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