From blush to bubblegum: perfect pink interior design ideas

In this post: We share ideas for creating a pink interior design vision in any room in your home.

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Pink is certainly having a moment! As a longtime pink lover, I couldn’t be more excited. From soft blush tones to vibrant bubblegum shades, pink is a versatile and playful color that can be used in so many ways. 

When it comes to pink interior design, there’s a notion that it’s only appropriate for little girls or that it’s too feminine for mainstream design. Despite this popular notion, I recently learned that the idea that pink is for girls is a relatively recent and somewhat arbitrary idea. Apparently, businesses began marketing pink products to girls and blue products to boys early in the 20th century. Let’s not allow some arbitrary advertising shortcut to ruin our appreciation of a perfectly gorgeous color! 

In this article, we will explore a variety of pink products for every room in your home, from cozy pink blankets and pillows to statement pink sofas and chairs. And because there’s no reason to settle, all of the pink products on our lists have thoughtfully considered sustainability in their design. Let's dive in!

The psychology of pink interior design

One of the reasons I find interior design so interesting is in the way that it influences our moods and behavior – often without us even realizing it. Color, in particular, can have a profound effect on our emotions although it's important to note that the effect can be influenced by one's particular culture.

Pink is often associated with feelings of love, compassion, and tranquility. When used in the right way, pink can also evoke a sense of playfulness and energy. Bright bubblegum pink, for example, can add a fun and vibrant touch to any room, which is probably why we see it used so often in pink products and designs for children. 

Soft blush tones, on the other hand, can create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere and feel much more grown up. Before you choose the palette of pink for your room, make sure you think through how you’ll use that room and how you want to feel, then select a tone that matches that goal.

Pink living rooms

The living room is often the heart of the home, where you gather with family and friends to relax and socialize. Creating a pink living room design is certainly a way to make your home base memorable. Depending on the tone you select, it can create a warm and inviting atmosphere or one that’s ready to party. 

One way to incorporate pink interior design into your living room is through furniture. A neutral toned pink sofa or a set of pink armchairs can make a bold statement but still and add a touch of traditional luxury to your space. Brighter, or more unusual tones can work well in modern spaces and create a feeling of vibrancy.

Here are a few of our favorite pink couch choices:

Sabai Essential Sectional

Sabai offers 3 sofas in a number of configurations (loveseats, sofas, and sectionals), and all of them come in an assortment of fabric options. Sabai’s pink couch offering, is covered in a recycled velvet fabric called Dusty Rose. 

This particular pink couch is a great example of a subtle way to incorproate this fun color to your interior design plan. It’s a stand out but neutral enough to work with and not overpower its space.   

If you’re interested in learning more about Sabai, we’ve written about Sabai a lot because there are a lot of great things to say. Not only are they a certified B Corp, but they lead the pack in changing the way that the furniture industry operates. Learn more here.

If you’re looking for a sustainable, versatile pink couch, Sabai should definitely be on your list of contenders.

Joybird Aime Sofa

Joybird offers many of their sofas in a vibrant coral they call Royale Blush. I love this color – it succeeds in both making a statement and also not being overpowering. I could definitely build a room around this beauty.

The great news about this pink couch option, and many of Joybird's other upholstered pieces as well, is that it is GREENGUARD certified, meaning that its a better option for the air quality in your home.

Design your perfect pink couch

If you have a little more budget to invest in a pink couch, another option to consider is working with an interior designer. Interior designers can help you create a custom piece and be an invaluable resource in helping you select the right materials and vendors to realize your pink living room vision. One of the vendors we highly recommend is Lee Industries, a company with a long history of being a sustainable furniture supplier to the trade.

Or, if you prefer a more subtle approach, you can opt for pink throw pillows, blankets, or rugs. These smaller accents can be easily swapped out or changed with the seasons, allowing you to update your living room's look without a major overhaul. Additionally, you can display pink artwork or incorporate pink accessories, such as vases or candles, to add pops of color and create a cohesive design.

Pink bedroom inspiration

Adding the right pink accessories to your bedroom decor can help create a serene and calming environment that promotes restful sleep. One way to incorporate pink into your bedroom is through bedding and linens. Opt for a soft pink duvet cover or a set of blush-colored sheets to instantly transform your bed into a cozy and inviting haven.

Another way to introduce pink into your bedroom is through accent pieces. Consider adding a pink throw blanket or a few decorative pillows in various shades of pink to add a touch of warmth and visual interest to your space. You can also hang pink curtains or invest in a pink rug to tie the room together and create a cohesive look.

Painted pink furniture is also a great way to bring some color into a bedroom. Quite frequently, painted furniture can be a more sustainable, fun, unique, and affordable way to bring pink interior design to life.

To get really great deals, search at local antique or thrift shops, Facebook marketplace, or consider repurposing something you already have. There are so many inspirational furniture flippers online who can provide you with great tips for bringing new life to an older piece. Alternatively, there are also furniture flippers online who can do the hard part for you. Many will even let you select the exact color for the final piece!

Pink interior design for your office

If there’s any place where a little fun is a welcome addition, it’s the office. If you have a work-from-home office, get a little crazy with pink interior design! You’ll be spending a lot of hours in there so why not do it exactly the way you want? Alternatively, if you work away from home, why not add some fun touches that personalize your space? 

If you prefer a more subtle approach, you can opt for pink office accessories. Combine form and function with pink notebooks, pens, and file folders. Or, if you have room, consider pink artwork. 

I find a plant to be a great way to make an office more homey. A pink planter can be a great way to bring a little life to your pink offer plans.

Pink kitchen design

Adding pink elements to your kitchen can create a fun and energetic space that inspires creativity and joy. One way to incorporate pink into your kitchen is through appliances. Many brands now offer a range of pink kitchen appliances, from toasters and blenders to refrigerators and stand mixers. These appliances not only add a pop of color to your kitchen but also make a statement and showcase your personal style.

If you're not ready to commit to pink appliances, you can still infuse your kitchen with pink through smaller items like cookware, utensils, and dishware. Consider investing in a set of pink pots and pans or a collection of pink ceramic plates and bowls. These smaller accents can be displayed on open shelves or used as everyday essentials, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to your kitchen space.

Pair it with a reusable pod for less waste! Keurig can be especially great if the people in your house like different kinds of coffee. 

SMEG products are a fun way to create a pink kitchen, and it turns out this Italian company has some concrete sustainability goals and initiatives. 

A KitchenAid mixer is a classic! I love that they have a refurbuished program to reduce waste.

Pink interior design ideas for kids' rooms

Kids' rooms should be a space for imagination, creativity, and play. Adding pink interior design elements can create a fun and lively atmosphere that sparks creativity and joy. (and not just for girls!) One way to incorporate pink into a kids' room is through bedding and decor. Opt for a pink bedspread or a set of pink curtains to create a focal point and add a playful touch to the room.

Additionally, you can decorate the walls with pink wallpaper or wall decals featuring their favorite characters or designs. Consider adding pink storage bins or shelves to keep their toys and books organized while adding a pop of color to the room. Pink lighting fixtures, such as a pink lava lamp or a string of pink fairy lights, can also create a magical and cozy ambiance in their space.

Pink products for outdoor spaces

Outdoor spaces, such as patios, balconies, and gardens, are an extension of your home and offer endless opportunities for creativity and relaxation. Adding pink design elements to your outdoor space can create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for entertaining or unwinding. 

One way to incorporate pink into your outdoor space is through furniture. Consider a pink outdoor dining set or a set of pink lounge chairs to create a stylish and comfortable seating area.

I’m in love with these bring pink Gehry items from Room & Board. They’ve inspired a whole pop art pool concept that I would total bring to life. If I only had a pool. Feel free to steal my idea!

Courtesy of Room & Board

Courtesy of Room & Board

Ode to blush pink interior design

So maybe you’re not totally sold on pink – it's not for everyone. But did you consider blush?  Blush pink interior design has emerged as a popular contemporary choice, offering a harmonious blend of sophistication and tranquility. 

Blush pink, sometimes referred to as “millennial pink,” is a pale and muted shade that conveys a sense of softness and warmth. Its subtle undertones of both pink and beige make it a versatile color choice that complements a wide range of design aesthetics, from minimalist and modern to vintage and traditional. The popularity of blush pink interior design can be attributed to its ability to evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation while maintaining an air of elegance and refinement.

Blush pink's adaptability is evident in its various applications across different living spaces. In bedrooms, blush toned materials, bedding, curtains, or accent walls can create a soothing retreat, promoting restful sleep and relaxation. In living rooms, blush pink furniture pieces, throw pillows, or artwork can introduce subtle pops of color that elevate the overall aesthetic. Its versatility extends to home offices as well; blush pink interior design elements can add a little fun to workspaces while maintaining a sense of calm conducive to productivity.

When combined with other colors, blush pink can yield striking interior design palettes. Pairing blush toned materials with soft, neutrals like ivory, beige, and light gray can create an ethereal and serene ambiance. On the other hand, juxtaposing blush pink with deeper, contrasting colors like navy blue or forest green can infuse a sense of drama and contrast into the design. The color's flexibility extends to various design styles as well; it can seamlessly blend into Scandinavian-inspired minimalism, French country chic, or even a contemporary eclectic aesthetic. Regardless of how you use it, blush pink interior design is worth considering for your space.

Where to find the best pink products for your home

Now that you've discovered the perfect pink interior design ideas for every room in your home, you may be wondering where to find them. 

I always recommend Etsy as a first stop in finding just about anything for your home. Not only are you supporting small businesses, and working artists/craftspeople, but Etsy also has fantastic sustainability policies including offsetting the emissions from shipping products purchased on their site. But beyond these feel-good reasons, I genuinely believe you can find a better range of unique products by spending a little time pursuing Etsy’s pages. 

If you're looking for unique and one-of-a-kind pink products, consider checking out thrift stores and vintage shops. These stores often have a curated collection of pre-loved items, including furniture, decor, and accessories, that can add character and charm to your home. And purchasing something that already exists is about the most sustainable way you can shop.

If you don’t have the time or patience for an in-person search, there are a number of ways to find secondhand items more quickly and easily than ever before. This includes looking through vintage items on the aforementioned Etsy, but also includes checking out some companies that specialize in making it easy to find pre-owned furniture. These include Chairish, Kaiyo, AptDeco, and 1stDibs.

Ready to bring your pink interior design dreams to life?

From blush to bubblegum, pink is a color that can transform any room in your home. Whether you want to create a serene and calming space or a bold and energetic atmosphere, there are plenty of pink products available to help you achieve your desired ambiance. From cozy pink blankets and pillows for the bedroom to stylish pink kitchen appliances and decor, you can infuse your home with the power of pink and create a space that is both inviting and visually stunning. So go ahead, embrace the world of pink, and discover the perfect pink products to elevate your home decor game!

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